The Royal Northern Countryside Initiative (RNCI) was founded in 1997 and has grown from links between the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) and the Royal Northern Agricultural Society (RNAS), together with the participation of several leading local agribusinesses. 

Our aim is to increase countryside awareness through the education of 3-18 year olds and their teachers to greater the understanding of farming and the working countryside.

The charity is made up of volunteers that form an Executive Committee which meets ever 6 weeks. The current chairman is of the committee is Ellis Mutch of ANM Group. The RNCI has one full time project manager and two part time educational assistants.

The RNCI is always looking for volunteers please feel free to get in touch.

We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors and benefactor as we are totally reliant on the generosity of local businesses and people to continue to provide our service.  We would like to extend our thanks to the following companies in no particular order:

If you would like to be featured on this page and support the RNCI please get in contact to discuss more.