Plant It, Grow it, Taste It!

The RNCI are extremely pleased to be working with the Aberdeen City Council on the Plant it, Grow it, Taste it (PGT) Project. This sees the delivery of 150 Grow Packs to Schools in the Aberdeen City Council area.

This project is designed for pupils working within Curriculum for Excellence First Level, though activities can be adapted for children working in early and second level. The whole project is very straight forward and the teacher guidance is here to walk you through each step. There is no reason to worry and no costs for schools.

PGT Logo Aberdeen City Schools Project

Pupils are set the challenge of growing their own salads/vegetables within the classroom or school garden by the end of the summer term. While growing their produce, they will undertake a selection of activities and investigations linked to science and other learning outcomes, the project culminates in a cooking activity. This will hopefully incorporate some of the produce that your pupils have grown. Designed for the city; the grow packs are perfect for the limited space available to most schools.


Within each grow pack you will receive:

  • A comprehensive teacher resource booklet

  • 3 x Salad/herb seed packs (more can be made available if required)

  • 3 x Growing propagators

  • 36 x Jiffy germination disks

  • Watering bottle

  • Compost (on request)

PGT Project Request form:

Packs can be delivered or collected locally but your school must be within Aberdeen City Council boundaries.

Name of Teacher *
Name of Teacher
Please only apply for a maximum of 3 boxes per school.
If a composite class please chose the majority.
Data Sharing *
I am happy for my information to be passed on the Aberdeen City Council and be contacted in the future about other school based projects.

Feedback is extremely important to us and our funders, please remember to complete the short evaluation form on completion.